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About the creator

Daniel Ingram is an award-winning, five-time Emmy nominated songwriter and composer whose distinctive musical style has earned him recognition as one of the top song-writers working in children’s and family entertainment. He has had over 400 song commissions in the past decade, with several Billboard charting albums, some of which reached the No. 1 spot on iTunes in the Children’s category. Some of Daniel’s most popular songs on YouTube have had over 200 million views, with a cumulative catalogue of over one billion views across multiple properties.


All of Daniel’s songs — and all of his music that I have heard right up through his most recent children’s album, The Treebees, contain an ingredient one doesn’t hear in just anyone’s music for this age group: delight. …Daniel’s melodies are complex yet singable, and his orchestrations always hit the ear right to me. His lyrics are clever, smart yet emotional. 


- Robert Lopez, Songwriter for Disney’s Frozen and Coco

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