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Seeking co-production partnership for episode series development

(episodic series, merchandise, live shows, etc)


Five-time Emmy nominated composer and songwriter Daniel Ingram, who has risen to prominence writing music for numerous children’s television series, is launching a Children's song based IP with original songs and familiar family favorites aimed at providing quality music. Aimed at families with young children, The Treebees goal is to foster emotional connection between caregivers and their little ones through co-viewing, co-listening and high quality on and off screen content.

The Treebees albums are available on all streaming music services. This marked a new direction for Ingram, whose award-winning music and songs have been featured in such hit series as Martha Speaks, Equestria Girls, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Strawberry Shortcake. The Treebees music features upbeat singalong songs for babies, toddlers and young children on the universal themes of love, caring, diversity, nature, learning and family.

The Treebees are seeking development partnership for expanding the IP into new interstitials and a music based episodic series.

Interstitial Content Available for Distribution:
Season 1 Interstitials: 40 x 2-4 minute music videos with title cards and credits (Available November 1, 2022)

Season 2 Interstitials: 40 x 2-4 minute music videos with title cards and credits (Available by Fall 2023)  

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