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My Little Pony songwriter launches new family music brand for ages 0-4

Five-time Emmy nominated composer and songwriter Daniel Ingram, who has risen to prominence writing music for numerous children’s television series, is launching his first double album of original songs and familiar family favorites aimed at providing quality music that young kids and parents can enjoy together.

The Treebees albums are available on all streaming music services. This marked a new direction for Ingram, whose award-winning music and songs have been featured in such hit series as Martha Speaks, Equestria Girls and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The double-album release, available for pre-order now, provides almost two hours of upbeat singalong songs music for babies, toddlers and young children on the universal themes of love, caring, diversity, nature, learning and family.

Quality Music for the Whole Family!

As Ingram explains, the project grew out of his own personal experience of searching for quality music to enjoy with his young son. “I’m sure anyone who’s been forced to listen to ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat can relate to my struggle to find quality streaming music for my two-year-old son that I could also appreciate,” he says. “With The Treebees, I want to offer engaging music that young families can easily access and enjoy together.”

Conceived as a trio of colorful characters named Millie, Timber, and Zo, The Treebees celebrate nature, creativity, and learning in original songs like ABCZ and Lulu the Llama, alongside new versions of family favorites like Down By the Bay and You Are My Sunshine. Ingram wrote, recorded and engineered the mu- sic at his fully equipped home studio, hiring a diverse cast of professional singers to bring Millie, Timber, and Zo to life.


Appealing Characters Celebrating Diversity

The result is a refreshing new approach to family audio entertainment that delivers appealing characters, catchy melodies and sophisticated songwriting in a package that will delight the very young, as well as the young at heart. “It’s my hope that The Treebees will help families connect through dancing, singing, or simply just listening together,” says Ingram. “I strongly believe that music has the power to bring us together—and that we all deserve good music, no matter how young or old we are.”


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